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Pastors’ Wives Committee

Being a pastor’s wife is amazing!  But being a pastor’s wife can also be really tough.  Our lives are full of tremendous joys, but also some serious challenges – we long for a confidential friend outside of the congregation who understands parish life and the stress that it can place on a marriage and family, and who can encourage us as we strive to balance ministry and family.

We are here to support you in your role as a pastor’s wife!

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What is the Commitee working on?

Until the end of September 2013, our goal is to establish a network for pastors’ wives.
How are we doing this?

  • Project Elizabeth – a system of intentional networking.  It is named in honor of one of the most powerful woman-to-woman connections in Scripture!  An ‘Elizabeth’ is a pastor’s wife who would see as her ministry the role of connecting with and caring for, supporting and encouraging a small group of pastors’ wives.  We currently have 13 ‘Elizabeths’ who are establishing relationships in small groups throughout the District, via phone, email, Skype, Facebook, or face-to face where possible!
  • Facebook Page – we have created a closed (private) Facebook page where pastors’ wives can connect with each other and share common joys and stresses with other women who ‘get it’!
  • Communications – we use a variety of means to let PWs know what the Committee is working on: email, mailouts, Canadian Lutheran, ABC District website.

The Committee also has three focus areas:

  • Faith (a closer walk with Jesus)
    • We are reading through the Bible together, using a CPH resource called “Today’s Light”, and talking about it on our Facebook page.  Thank you to CPH for providing the first gratis copy, and to the ABC District LWML for providing three more gratis copies with a grant from the Mission Opportunity Fund!
    • We are planning two retreats for PWs in the spring of 2014 – one will be held in Alberta, and one in BC.
  • Marriage (support and encouragement for the clergy home)
    • We mailed a Valentine and an Easter card to each PW.
    • We are researching marriage resources and will pass them on to the PWs.
  • Ministry (how is God directing me to use my gifts for Him?)
    • We are researching resources on identifying PW gifts and will pass them on to the PWs.
Who is on the Committee?

We are a group of pastors’ wives, pastors, and advisors who understand the role of the clergy home, and especially the role of pastors’ wives.

The Committee consists of five pastors’ wives:

  • Janice Kraemer (Committee Liaison to Concordia Seminary; Edmonton, AB)
  • Nancy Fritsche (Zion, Golden Spike, AB)
  • Linnea Lyons (Hope, Victoria, BC)
  • Carol Haberstock (Edmonton, AB)
  • Deanna Hautz (Hope, Port Coquitlam, BC)

and four advisors:

  • Rev. Craig Tufts (Department of Parish & School Services rep; pastor of St. John’s, Vernon, BC)
  • Rev. Jonathan Asmus (Pastoral Advisor to the Committee; pastor of Redeemer, West Kelowna, BC)
  • Diane Bahn (Advisor; Partner Program Leader, Pastoral Leadership Institute, Cypress, TX)
  • Karin Gregory (Advisor; Counsellor Supervisor, Counselling and Care Ministries, Focus on the Family Canada)
History of the Committee

At the 2009 ABC District Convention, a resolution was passed to develop “opportunities which will be appropriately beneficial to spouses of church workers”.

In November 2011, a Task Force was convened to work on this resolution.  During the next six months, a survey of pastors’ wives was completed, asking what areas of support are most important to the wives.  Also, at the District Convention in May 2012, several sessions were planned for pastors’ wives, including a brainstorming session on how the District could support the wives.

The Task Force discovered that pastors’ wives:

  • long for a closer walk with Jesus,
  • are looking for a close friend, and
  • would like advice and encouragement on how to handle emotional issues and stress, and how to balance and integrate ministry and family in a healthy way.

The Pastor’s Wives Committee is carrying on the work of the Task Force, and began meeting in September 2012The current Committee has a 3-year mandate.


Deanna Hautz, Chair


If you have any questions or comments you can contact us by phone at 1.888.474.0063 or by email at

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