Equipping to Share (the Canadian Version): a one day training experience to strengthen and encourage believers for today’s evangelism challenges. Equipping to Share (EtS) workshops concentrate on the believer’s privilege to speak the Gospel, express the impact of Christ in life, seek understanding of the lost, and connect new people into the church family. Biblical models are discussed in the context of our everyday relationships and encounters. The training also draws from current research on the unchurched and practical ways to engage them. To arrange for an Equipping to Share, please contact the ABC District Executive Assistant – Outreach.

Evangelism Resources Produced by the Lutheran Laymen’s League:

  1. Parenting Families: From Me to We: provides a unique opportunity to share Christian parenting principles and the Gospel in a non-threatening way. The six sessions also provide the opportunity to build relationships that connect people to your church or school.
  2. Practicing Hospitality: Helps your church learn how to provide visitors a warm and generous welcome. Practicing Hospitality assists congregations identify areas for improvement and plan simple changes improve the welcoming atmosphere in your church. This DVD, experiential training program helps participants to understand what it feels like to be a visitor and plan to avoid common “welcoming faux pas”.
  3. New Neighbour Outreach: is a self-guided program that will help your congregation welcome new families into the community and your church. This lay-driven program is systematic, easy-to-do, and will provide your congregation all the resources needed to establish and sustain an on-going outreach effort.
  4. Project Connect: an indispensable on-site outreach booklet display ministry resource that uses displays of topical LHM booklets, written from a Christian perspective, to help church members share Christ with the lost. Each full-sized display holds 24 pocket-sized booklets concerning topics as varied as how to be an effective parent to managing finances from a Christ-centered perspective. Engage visitors with it in your church narthex. Place a Project Connect display in your community center, doctor’s office, funeral home, or barber shop. Imprint your church’s information on the back – complete with worship times and directions.

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